Hardik Jariwala foundation was established in memory of Late. Hardik Jariwala on his Birth Anniversary, 2nd June 2013.The trust currently serve more than 450 Primary School students of Mokhamaan and Kasadbari, Sabridhaam, Dist.Daang. We serve in trible area of Gujarat.

Hardik Jariwala Foundation's focus and sole reason for existence is to work as a catalyst to bring sustainable change in the lives of children, youth and women in Daang, tribal area of Gujarat. The family of the child is the medium through which the development takes place.

We at Hardik Jariwala Foundation commit oursleves to take responsibilities of Education, Health, Nutrition and Sports for more than 400 Primary School students of Mokhamaan and Kasadbari, Sabridhaam,Taluka-Subir, Dist. Daang tribal area of Gujarat.

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